Keep it as local as possible

There is a petition available at the East Sussex County Council website to abolish all the district councils in Sussex, and replace them with the system successfully operated in Cornwall where as much power as possible is given back to borough, town and parish councils.

Just one county council then oversees the remaining duties these local councils cannot manage.

This system simplifies local government and would give more power to locally-elected people rather than those Lewes district councillors who may live within the current district boundary but who have the power to make decisions on areas of which they have no real knowledge or have never even visited.

Perhaps if this system was inaugurated here then the elected town and parish councils in the Newhaven area could revert to the “Good old days” when they would have control over what happens here and we would not be the dumping ground for all the insane ideas which have been forced upon us ever since Lewes District Council became our “masters”.

Remember the councillor who on his retirement congratulated himself on the construction of the incinerator here in Newhaven, and the more recent comment from a Brighton councillor about the run-down condition of Newhaven.

Add to this a published comment by Lewes District Council that “Newhaven is the most deprived part of Lewes District”. Well whose fault is that?

Newhaven and Peacehaven have no choice, we are forced to cope with disposing of Brighton’s rubbish as well as their sewage.

Follow this with the fact that for some time now Lewes District Council have had on their agenda a proposal to inaugurate a system known as “Agile working”.

This would mean that the LDC offices at Fort Road would be disposed of because they are not suitable for LDC’s proposals to provide “an enhanced LDC presence in Newhaven”.

As a result the LDC staff employed in Fort Road would be relocated to another property in Newhaven followed by staff who are currently employed at other LDC offices throughout the District.

The term “enhanced presence” of course simply meaning LDC would gain even more control over what goes on in Newhaven.

Think about the consequences of “letting sleeping dogs lie” when maybe we have a chance to make our voices heard and recover control of what happens in Newhaven. Visit

R Beckett