Labour Party leaflet has ‘inconsistencies’

I have received the General Election leaflet for the Labour candidate for Lewes and it has left me somewhat confused.

I’d like to draw readers’ attention to a number of inconsistencies in the leaflet when compared to the Labour party manifesto.

The candidate cares passionately about free and quality education at all levels. Don’t we all. Unfortunately his party doesn’t agree and wants to charge university students £6,000 per year in tuition fees for the privilege of going to university.

He says he will call for the abolition of private finance in the NHS. Unfortunately his party, which expanded privatisation in the NHS, doesn’t agree and states in its manifesto ‘Where private companies are involved in providing clinical services, we will impose a cap on any profits they can make from the NHS’. Not the same thing at all.

He says he ‘believes all sites must include at least 40% social and council housing’. Lovely idea although 50% better. Unfortunately, yet again, this is nowhere to be found in the Labour Manifesto.

Finally, on the Lewes Labour Party website the candidate states when commenting on the deficit ‘Clearly there are things that can be cut, for example, nuclear weapons’ implying a unilateral cut. Unfortunately his party disagrees. In its manifesto it says ‘Labour remains committed to a minimum, credible, independent nuclear capability, delivered through a Continuous At-Sea Deterrent’ ie Trident costing another £130 billion. Nowhere does it say nuclear weapons will be reduced unilaterally. How many nurses, doctors, teachers, firefighters and social workers could £130 billion pay for?

Don’t be fooled by all the fine sounding statements of the Labour candidate. Vote Green for the common good.

Tony Rowell