Landport says thanks for new stile

The old stile.
The old stile.

i would like to express my gratitude to the Monday Group for the beautiful new stile they have built at the bottom of Landport Estate in Lewes.

I met the Monday Group at Southover Bonfire Fete and approached them about the very dangerous access that walkers, approaching the river from this direction, had had to put up with for more years than I can remember.

Not knowing who owned the land or even if this was a listed footpath I had not expected such a swift response but within a few weeks the Monday Group had done their research and contacted the people who farm the land to see if it was possible to do the work.

Over two Monday mornings the stile began to take shape and the residents of Landport had begun to get excited.

The stile is made of Sussex oak and provides safe and easy access for walkers and their dogs throughout the year.

No more wobbles on top of the old stile or trying to squeeze between the gap and getting a scratched back, no more climbing the very unstable iron gate which many have had fall down on them and had to struggle to get back in place to prevent the cattle from escaping on to the estate.

We often take this sort of work for granted but for many people down on Landport or using this route for pleasure, this has made such a big difference.

The Monday Group need donations to continue this good work and to enable them to do a few more access points on to the fields from Landport Road.

Julie Mewett, Lewes