Last chance to make the right choice

Voters in Sussex in the European and local elections next week have a simple choice to make.

They can vote for any of the three inter-changeable Westminster parties (Conservatives, Labour or Liberal Democrats) who, with their support of the EU, have all given their consent to the abolition of Britain and the sinking of our free and independent nation into an undemocratic and authoritarian single state, whose laws will no longer be made by our elected representatives at Westminster: for that is now the openly declared aim of the EU’s leaders.

Or they can vote for the United Kingdom Independent party (UKIP) the only party which still believes in Britain and actively works for the restoration of our right to govern ourselves. Opinion polls suggest that they are going to do so in massive numbers and begin the process of reclaiming our democracy and our country, so shamefully surrendered by LibLabCon.

I would urge all voters to make the right choice : it may be the last chance you will get.

Nigel Jones

Lewes (UKIP SE candidate for the European Parliament)