Leaving Union would hurt UK

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“... until we regain control of our borders, a large proportion of the jobs created will go to immigrants from other EU countries.” So says, Peter Griffiths of UKIP.

These are the horror stories that UKIP likes to haunt people with. It implies that people in the UK are incompetent, less well educated and/or more work shy than the rest of the EU such that any EU citizen would be favoured in every job opportunity in the UK.

UKIP are so worried about our perceived inabilities that they want to prevent any “better” people from getting into the country. Thanks for that vote of confidence in your own people.

This stance does give UKIP some advantages.

If our jobs are not under threat by cleverer EU citizens then we don’t need to spend so much on education in order to compete with them. If people are so incompetent, employers can employ more of them and thus the unemployment problem is solved. The work shy can carry on claiming benefits which will only go to OUR citizens.

Of course, our goods are going to be rubbish and costlier by comparison to the EU equivalents. The “free trade area” that Peter sees being created will allow more EU (better quality) goods to arrive here whilst our exports will drop because nobody else in the world will want badly made tat.

UKIP would inevitably respond to this by revoking the free trade agreements and being more protectionist. After all, the effect will be to export jobs to the EU where the goods will be better made by better educated people keen to do the job and then sold back to us within the free trade agreement.

Perhaps the consequences of what UKIP are peddling haven’t been clearly thought through. The challenge of the level playing field is to be at least as good as our EU partners and hopefully better.

To that end we need an education system that is as good as or better than theirs. And if EU citizens come here to help our manufacturers, our colleagues, our citizens be better than the rest of Europe, so our quality is better, so we sell more to the EU and the world, then everyone in the UK will benefit.

If something doesn’t work breaking it, binning it or leaving it to somebody else isn’t helping. Fix it, rebuild it and make it work better. The UK doesn’t need people trying to run away from the challenge, it needs people stepping up to the plate.

Rod Main