Let’s all work for the sake of all E Sussex

Having cracked or bruised a rib some weeks ago, I had to stop myself from watching that hapless Nick Clegg on TV.

The laughter, I am sure has resulted in my prolonged recovery. Equally, I am late in responding to Cllr Saunders letter of August 15. Please let me recover first before you write in Cllr Saunders.

I know that you do not like history, so let me remind you. 2010 when I stood as PPC for East Sussex. Two of our policies in the leaflet, no one who earns £11,500 or below will pay income tax, to be implemented immediately. Stop forcing people to go to higher education and bring back apprenticeships. In fact, that was our policy in 2008/2009. Perhaps Norman Baker can campaign for a Grammar School in every town. UKIP Policy. More underprivileged children went to grammar schools to achieve a better education. Perhaps Norman Baker can campaign for a cottage hospital that performs emergencies and everything that a larger hospital does but on a smaller scale. UKIP Policy. The distance people have to travel in emergencies to hospital now means that their lives are now in real jeopardy. I am reluctant to give you any more policies. Just one more though. Education should be FREE. FREE to every young person. It is their basic human right. Just like all promises at an election that the Party’s promise, you all renegade on them. You deceive the electorate. UKIP will deliver. As for not having any ideas in County. One of my colleagues is trying to get the Isfield line open, not Norman Baker. We have an alternative to the Polegate roundabout, which is being carefully looked at. Not Norman Baker. We as a group are against this absurd wind farm that Newhaven Town Council has allowed to go ahead. Why have the energy firms ordered thousands of diesel generators for when the wind is blowing to strong, or not at all. We have been saying that we need a real alternative solution for cleaner air and for our energy needs. Wave power, Hydro electric, etc. I want to keep the lights on. The only alternative budget that the Lib Dem group put forward at County was during the Seaford tip closure. Only three proposals they put forward to run the whole of East Sussex. Rather than talk to us, they only gave us a few minutes to read it. Then again I am not surprised. Your Party bankrupted East Sussex in 2001 a worrying thought, they were probably worried that we might spot the mistake. You seem to be taking credit for
your so called Lib Dem policy on the Tory bus cuts. I look forward to opposing the attack on the savage bus cuts, as do the Labour group and hopefully the Independents. Stop trying to take credit all the time and work with all political parties for the sake of the whole of East Sussex.

Cllr Peter Charlton

Ouse Valley East. UKIP.