Let’s ensure homes get built for people who need them

Colin Mitchell (Letters, 18th January) is right to fear that more than 70 homes will be built on land not allocated for this purpose in the Ringmer Local Plan.

Developers find it very easy to alter the terms of their planning applications after the event. For example, I gather that Local Planning Authorities routinely specify a target of affordable homes in the expectation that they will not all be built.

There are companies advertising on the web that promise developers that they can get them out of all their affordable housing obligations, and provide examples to prove it. So it’s likely that many of those proposed new homes, whatever the eventual numbers, will be of little use to the many people in the district who desperately need somewhere to live.

This is one reason that I am a supporter of the Phoenix Rising plans in Lewes, which would make the most of old industrial land to build genuinely affordable rented homes, using innovative sustainable building technologies, and include legal structures to ensure that the homes go to the people who most need them.

Mike Jones