Let’s hear what UKIP proposes

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting the Newhaven UKIP general election candidate, Ray Finch. He was brought up in Liverpool and is now an MEP in Brussels, and the UKIP Fisheries spokesman.

I said that in Newhaven we could do with some action to save our fishing industry! I enquired how it could be that a French owned company have been allowed to buy up swathes of land in Newhaven surrounding the port, and have for the past seven years restricted the access of town’s people to the once iconic West beach. I informed him that Newhaven Ports and Properties (NPP) say the access is dangerous, but they refuse to make it safe.

Then there is the incinerator, terrible unemployment and the town centre that’s practically deserted.

So I asked Ray Finch what he is going to do about it all. Historically the other main parties have made a complete “dogs breakfast” of our once thriving town, and sold us down the river (literally).They only “crawl from out of the woodwork” at election times and then clear off for five years.

He said that he is speaking at a public meeting at the Hilcrest centre on April 9. I plan on attending so why not join me and let’s hear what he’s got to say about UKIP’s plans for Newhaven.

Simon Barnes