Let’s make Lewes a Living Wage town

Lewes Late Night Shopping last week seems to have been a great success despite the usual unpleasant weather.

It was good to see that the Lewes Food Banks were among the local charities supported by this event.

We have been shocked to learn that many people in work use the food banks because they are so poorly paid that they cannot afford to feed their families.

They are having to choose between such necessities as heating and putting food on the table.

There has been a fall in the real value of all wages in terms of what they can buy. But the rising costs of fuel and food hit those on poor pay the hardest. There will be little or no margin for Christmas treats for people on the minimum wage of £6.50 an hour.

The good news is that some businesses and shops in Lewes are already paying the Living Wage (currently £7.85 an hour), or at least are working towards it.

Brighton and Hove and York are now Living Wage cities. We believe it must be possible to make Lewes a Living Wage Town.

Pat Charlton, Ann Link, Linda Lamont and Dee O’Connell

Living Wage for Lewes