Let’s make sure Lewes remains frack-free

WE write to express our horror at the go-ahead by the government to allow fracking in the UK.

Fracking involves millions of gallons of water and a cocktail of thousands of litres of toxic chemicals.

Methane is also often released into the atmosphere.

It wouldn’t take much for this to give fracking a worse carbon footprint than coal.

Land and water are often contaminated by leakages. Our whole eco-system will potentially become contaminated. Fracking will also dredge us of our precious water supplies that we are trying so hard to preserve in this time of drought. This is not to mention the earthquake risks.

After the unanimous cross-party decision in Lewes in March to highlight concerns over fracking, Sussex was going to pave the way to be the first frack-free zone in the UK.

Now, apparently at least 800 wells are proposed for Sussex alone. How will we sustain this? We question whether the government’s move is ethical, moral and democratic.

Water reserves are the life force that keep living organisms, including human beings alive and have been for millions of years. To mess with this, using highly toxic non-biodegradable chemicals would be reckless to the extreme and for what – more CO2 producing gas, at the expense of investing in the alternative sustainable solutions.

These are desperate measures indeed, when surely we need to be investing and researching renewable energy?

In the USA many folk are seduced by the large prices paid for drilling rights by these mega companies, Cuadrilla, in this case.

If there were serious consequences and Cuadrilla went bust, would the government be able to carry the can? Or will this also be left to future generations?

We would love to feel proud that the UK has opposed fracking, just as many other European countries have, including France.

What’s the Plan B when the shale gas runs out and the planet is polluted to the point of destruction?

Renewables and energy reduction have to be the answer to our dwindling resources.

It is vitally important to publish all the facts about fracking and keep this in the news as much as possible. We welcome Jim Hindle’s letter from last week’s edition highlighting positive action that people can take to oppose this motion.

Let us save our precious planet for future generations.

Sarah Calderbank &

Jane Jones,