Let’s not replace Canon O’Donnell Centre with blots of modern architecture

Canon O'Donnell centre Lewes
Canon O'Donnell centre Lewes

LEWES’ derelict Canon O’Donnell Centre may look an eyesore at the moment, but you have only to look across the road to behold the ghastly brutalist flats which were erected in place of the characterful Meridian pub to surmise that the beauty of Lewes is at far more risk of being ruined by appalling blots of modern architecture which share no narrative or sympathy at all with the existing streetscape.

With the right contractor and sensitive restoration I think the Canon O’Donnell Centre could easily become a stunning complex of boutique artisan flats with workshops attached or even put to some kind of community use as there is not a lot of public space at that end of the town.

Let’s not be so quick to condemn character when so many modern replacements offer none, let alone craftsmanship.

Miss L S King, Hove