Let’s see all their faces at the incinerator opening

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Norman Baker has said he is boycotting the incinerator’s official opening on July 4, at 10am. Perhaps this is a little hasty. I am tempted to go along. I want to see all these people who have been invited, these people who are proud to have blighted a community for the next 25 years. These people wanted to burn things even though they were offered a contractor who would have done something else. These people believe that democratically, when the vote is 16,000 to five you go with the five (a reference to the planning application – objections vs supporters). All those people play “follow-my-leader” because they haven’t got the wit to think for themselves, especially those who think it’s a tourist attraction. (If this is a tourist attraction what are they really saying about the rest of Newhaven?).

What of those that think that £900,000 is sufficient compensation for the community and those that are still sitting on this pot of money so that nothing is actually being done with it? I wonder if they will be there.

What of the people who described Newhaven’s skyline as being filled with cranes or the others who couldn’t find food preparation places in Newhaven even though there were at least three within half a mile of the site? Which genius made sure it would be a date nobody would forget? Perhaps they all deserve a place at the front of the invited crowd.

Who will be there? How many of the smug and self-satisfied will turn up? Who will deserve every ounce of our scorn and derision?

Yes, I may go along to express my feelings in the time-honoured fashion.

Roderick M Main, Newhaven