Let’s speak up to save the Union

Several months ago, as reported in the Hastings Observer, a group of Old Town residents launched an on-line petition to the people of Scotland.

Called To Scotland With Love, the petition called on Scottish voters to stay within the UK.

This petition is of real relevance to the thousand or so Scots who live in Hastings and St Leonards who don’t have a vote in the referendum.

The petition at www.toscotlandwithlove.co.uk is still gathering support. But the opinion polls for the Scottish referendum have narrowed significantly in recent weeks. There is now a real risk that we could find that some two million Scottish Yes votes lead to the break-up of the United Kingdom, one of the most successful partnerships in history.

So for those of us who love the Union, those who feel it would be a tragedy for it to end, it’s time to speak up.

It’s time to speak up for the values shared by Scotland and the other parts of the UK.

It’s time to tell Scots that we love them and their country, and that we want them to stay in our great UK family.

It’s time to share our feeling that what we have in common across the UK is far more important than that which might from time to time divide us.

It really is now the moment for those of us who love the Union to express our feelings to friends and relations in Scotland and to use our networks and media contacts to encourage other people outside Scotland to speak up too before it is too late.

We have in the UK something which is precious, something which cannot be replaced if Scotland separates.

None of us want to wake up on September 19 and find that part of our soul has been lost.

Let’s speak up to save the Union.

Andrew Colquhoun

Petition co-ordinator

Croft Road