Lets welcome dandelions

Last week some of us went out into Lewes to monitor wildflower sites ( recording the number and spread of the various species).

Many passers-by approached us with big smiles.

They expressed their delight at seeing wildflowers in the verges and thanked us for the effort we were taking in promoting them.

Of course we must also maintain sight lines on roads for safety, but there is a way to manage both.

Across the UK, councils are being petitioned by residents to make better use of roadside verges to support wildflowers, butterflies and other pollinators.

This year, when studies showing alarming decrease of insect population have been hitting the headlines, surely it’s time for us to re-evaluate the cheerful dandelion, the graceful cow parsley and welcome them and other nectar sources to our verges?

Imogen Makepeace

North Way