LETTER: 63 per cent who didn’t vote for Brexit

Peter Charlton’s letter seemed to be suggesting that the majority of the country agreed with his view on Brexit.

The facts are that 37 per cent of the population who are registered to vote, voted for Brexit, 35 per cent voted Remain and 28 per cent didn’t vote at all.

The only thing we can say for certain about the ‘didn’t vote’ group is that neither side convinced them enough that it was worth getting out to vote on this issue. But 37 per cent is not the majority of the country. The majority, 63 per cent, didn’t vote Leave.

Facebook, it seems, is awash with Leavers moaning on that ‘the remain-dominated parliament’ is trying to find a way out of Brexit and asking people to sign a petition to ‘support democracy’. The petition, if successful, will be debated by said ‘remain-dominated parliament’.

The amusement value of that notion aside, it does question what we mean by democracy. Is it democratic that 37 per cent lead the other 63 per cent for example? Apparently it is. At what point would a vote result become unacceptable? Ten per cent leading the 90 per cent? Is it democratic that if a constituency votes one way in a referendum that the sitting MP should vote the opposite way? Clearly this is what this petition is about.

I’m pretty sure from what she has said previously that I know which way Ms Caulfield, our MP for Lewes, is going to vote on any subsequent Brexit debates in parliament but that’s not the way her constituents voted. Is that democratic? Should she be supporting local democracy?

What is sauce for the festive goose...

Rod Main

Northfield Close, Seaford