LETTER: A major problem

Our threat to the ozone layer is a major environmental problem and will remain so until significant action is taken to control it.

The greenhouse effect can be lessened if we learn to conserve energy sources which do not pollute the atmosphere.

Most pollutants are caused by burning fossil fuels, mostly created from vehicle exhausts. The first incineration of municipal waste tested in England in 1874.

It reduced the volume of waste but people opposed the idea as the air quality deteriorated very fast.

So the choice was landfill sites. So new sites were the preferred option. Recycling is not only a more cost-effective means of disposing of waste, it may turn the tide on global environmental problems and become one of the major growth industries of the 21st century.

With our continuing battle against waste some councils might introduce a future charge – this then will result in more fly-tipping all over the country.

People are paying for services to the councils and still with long queues everyday going to the tips with their rubbish. These new measures, if applied, will results in outrage from the public.

Doris Myles