LETTER: A pity they didn’t redirect their energy

Councillor Carter (Express, November 27) says she was elected in support of ‘community-led development’.

The Sounding Group comprising the Town Partnership, Friends of Lewes, the Chamber of Commerce and Lewes Community Land Trust met Santon, their architects and planning consultants 25 times over three years. Santon conducted a town x-ray looking in depth with townspeople at the composition of the conservation area and together we visited examples of best practice in seven towns across the country.

The arts community LPR say they are working for have been allowed to rent large spaces at token rents subject to three months’ notice. On what basis are they now demanding to own the freehold? It is a great pity that Phoenix Rising didn’t redirect their energy into the collective community effort.

They might have helped the artists make a timely transition to places elsewhere they can afford – including in the subsidised creative workspace in the Santon/LDC plans.

John Stockdale

Old Malling Way