LETTER: A political watershed: but how did your councillor vote?

I feel the EU Referendum was a political watershed much like the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Velvet Revolutions in Eastern Europe in 1989.

I thought we should ask where our local politicians stood on the issue.

So I asked those representing Lewes Town on the three councils that manage local government to say how they voted.

Most were happy to respond, but three did not do so, as they have every right to do. It was, after all, a secret ballot. There are 27 seats on the three councils.

But some councillors have seats on more than one council.

So, there are 20 individuals concerned. Sixteen voted ‘Remain’, one ‘Leave’ and three ‘did not respond’.

The votes were as follows:

Cllr Annabella ASHBY (Lewes Town Council) – Remain

Cllr Janet BAAH (Lewes Town Council) – Remain

Cllr Adam BARKER (Lewes Town Council) – Remain

Cllr Amanda BOLT (Lewes Town Council) – Did not respond

Cllr Richard BURROWS (Lewes Town Council (LTC)) – Leave

Cllr Stephen Catlin (LTC & Lewes District Council (LDC)) – Remain

Cllr Michael CHARTIER (LTC &LDC) – Remain

Cllr Will ELLIOTT (LTC & LDC) – Remain

Cllr Huw JONES (LTC) – Remain

Cllr John LAMB (LTC) – Remain

Cllr Imogen MAKEPEACE (LTC) – Remain

Cllr Dr Graham MAYHEW (LTC) – Remain

Cllr Merlin MILNER (LTC) – Remain

Cllr Roger MURRAY (LTC) – Remain

Cllr Susan MURRAY (LTC & LDC) – Remain

Cllr Ruth O’KEEFFE (LTC, LDC & East Sussex County Council (ESCC)) – Did not respond

Cllr Tony ROWELL (LTC & LDC) – Did not respond

Cllr Esther WATTS (LTC) – Remain

Cllr Joanna Carter (LDC) – Remain

Cllr Rosalyn St Pierre (ESCC) – Remain


Remain: 16

Leave: 1

Did not respond: 3

John Stockdale,

Old Malling Way, Lewes