LETTER: A step too far (email to Lewes District Council, CC Sussex Express)

As a very concerned member of the established population of Peacehaven I have no doubt you are all aware of the general feeling within our local community that this is a step too far.

We have had Southern Water, Bovis Homes and other large housing developments over the past four years which have extended our infrastructure to breaking point. We have gained a superb park which itself is now restricted access because of insufficient parking space. Please accept that Peacehaven has already done its bit for the required increase in dwellings.

We now require roads capable of handling the hugely increased traffic, not schemes deigned to clog our roads even more with parked cars. Brighton City Council and ESCC Highways have given us a road system prioritised for buses, however good or bad one may view this, but to use them many people need to drive to easy access points for bus stops.

Several of our existing car parks provide this service. Remove them and you will end up with more people driving to Brighton, thus clogging the system even more and obviating the need for buses. Parking on the main A259 coastal road is prohibited for most of the way in Peacehaven. Remove our car parks and people will cease to trade in our local shops. Yet another motivation to get in your car and drive to Brighton. And accelerate the demise of local business and development.

What you are proposing is a very negative development. Please try to be positive and at the same time considerate of the needs and feelings of our Peacehaven community.

Frank Leach, Bramber

Avenue, Peacehaven