LETTER: A suggestion to resolve this deadlock

May I venture a suggestion to resolve the unfortunate deadlock that has arisen over the future of the level crossing gates at Plumpton?

This would enable all sides to get what they want, would satisfy visual and traditional concerns, comply with modern-day safety standards, and open up the rail crossing again.

My proposal would be to retain the present old-style gates in a permanently folded-back position, forming approaches to the crossing, relating visually to the signal box, but allowing a new operational barrier plus warning lights to be installed to the full satisfaction of Network Rail, whilst relieving them of any obligation for the old gates other than periodic upkeep to preserve them, at modest expense.

A combination of such measures would meet all concerns as I see it, and create an attractive traditional grouping at this important point in the village scene. A fresh planning application would of course be needed, whose approval would avoid going to appeal.

And if Lewes District Council felt really community-spirited, it could even “fast-track” it.

Michael Parfect,

Cranedown, Lewes