LETTER: A total sham

I have expressed my following opinion to Maria Caulfield (our MP), and would now like to share this with your readers.

Over a period of many months David Cameron repeatedly stated we would NOT be having any referendum. After being faced with continued pressure, exerted in the main from the UKIP party, namely by Nigel Farage, he has now relented.

He has stated in writing to the European Union that the points he has raised, are the most important reasons why we, (the United Kingdom), require to re-negotiate our membership.

These points represent a unilateral declaration by him, that these are the views held by the electorate.

This is a lie, a total sham, and a cop out. I would suggest one of the main reasons why we need to determine our membership is the issue of being able to control our own borders.

Cameron knows, as do we all, that this is something the European Union will not agree, and it is for this reason he has not stated it.

It would appear therefore that the electorate will be asked to vote on a watered down set of proposals, that do not reflect the general voice of the country. Our members of parliament, and that includes Cameron, are elected to serve the people of this country, and they as a whole should have collectively discussed, and negotiated, between themselves the proposals for our terms of re-negotiation, rather than Cameron alone representing the views of the many millions of British subjects.

If only it could be arranged for a series of live television debates to take place between the stay in or get out campaign – then a more balanced decision could be made by all.

Frank Hauser

Barons Down Road