LETTER: A vote for nature

In the 2015 general election the environment really didn’t feature. This time it has to be different.

Whatever our individual politics, the one thing we should all be able to agree on is the need for a Greener UK.

Over the next few weeks prospective parliamentary candidates and their supporters will be knocking on doors trying to win your vote. This is your chance to find out what they think about the environment and, if elected, what actions they will take to ensure a healthy future for the UK.

We believe that Sussex should be a place for nature’s recovery, where people and wildlife thrive together, so we have joined a coalition of all the major environmental organisations with the aim to make the vision of a greener UK a reality.

We need our politicians to:

-Secure the benefits of existing environmental laws as the UK leaves the European Union and pass an ambitious new Environment Act

-Secure the UK’s global climate leadership

-Introduce new policies and investment that create thriving farming and fishing industries

This is your opportunity to demand that the environment is a priority for the next Government. If your incumbent MP comes to speak to you, ask them if they signed the Greener UK pledge before the general election was called.

Ask them if they will champion the action needed to secure a healthy future both for people and the environment. Ask new prospective parliamentary candidates to lay out their environmental credentials against the Greener UK manifesto. We have some example questions you might like to ask on our website. Whatever your political views, please make sure your vote is a vote for nature.

Dr Tony Whitbread

Chief Executive Sussex Wildlife Trust