LETTER: Action must be taken to curb traffic problems

As you may be aware the Meridian Community Primary School in Peacehaven is due to expand in the very rear future, to accept an extra 210 pupils plus associated staff.

Over 50 residents that live adjacent to the main entrance to the school, have been campaigning since this was first proposed, to encourage ESCC to address the problems of excessive traffic, and parking problems around this location, as we feel that unless action is taken to curb the problems, there is the real possibility of a child being knocked down, seriously injured, or worse.

The narrow residential roads that surround this school make it difficult to park safely (and legally) which results in residents drives being blocked, vehicles parking on junctions & the grass verges, obstructing drivers vision, this also forces pedestrians to cross the road between parked vehicles, which is very hazardous.Emergency vehicles would not be able to access either the school or the side roads in an emergency.

Indeed many deliveries for the school now unload in the road, including foodstuffs. Refuse trucks have had to change their collection times to avoid the “School Run”. Many residents including the elderly and infirm feel they cannot book appointments that require leaving or returning during the school peak time, as they cannot be certain of getting out of their drive or road.During the planning process residents submitted their representations to the planning committee, as did Peacehaven Town Council. I wrote to Cllr Ian Buchanan who represents Peacehaven on the ESCC planning committee, who has never replied, and didn’t attend the final planning meeting either.

I attended the final planning decision meeting on the November 16th at County Hall, with my neighbour Mrs Georgina Bancroft, we voiced our concerns, and pointed out again that we were not against the expansion, but feel that the associated problems need to be addressed first. Our ideas and suggestions to alleviate the current and future problems were not considered. We came away disappointed with the Committee’s pompous and dismissive attitude towards the residents it claims to represent.

Michael Gatti

Georgina Bancroft

Roderick Avenue North