Letter: Alternatives to Iron Lady

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Re Derek McMillian’s view of the ‘Iron lady’ film, Communist Arthur Scargill has always lived in a luxury, rent-free apartment in the Barbican LDN, resisting all attempts to get him out from its owners the Democratic Union of Miners. The strike he started was doomed from the begining due to his refusal to hold a ballot (knowing he’d lose).

Did the Labour government repeal the Tory union laws?

The Falklands war led to the collapse of a brutal dictatorship, Argentina is now a thriving democracy, so at least those who lost loved ones have some comfort. Compare that with the on-going blood bath of Iraq and the war without end Afganistan. The Royal Navy were at least a fighting force then – under Blair they were humiliated by Iran and given the run around by a few barefoot pirates in zodiacs. Liverpool? Who elected Derek Hatton? Neil Kinnock had to waste years rebuilding the Labour movement rather than being a strong opposition. Dennis may have written a few letters on headed notepaper but that’s nothing to Cherie Blair’s antics. If Thatcher had lost first time round we would have had Michael Foot’s hard Left dogma, Eric Heffer as Chancellor anyone?

Lastly, his obvious enjoyment and cruel mocking of an elderly person in the grip of Alzheimer’s says a lot about his own mental state. He’d do well to remember hate consumes everything except itself.

Simon Fordham