LETTER: Another AONB is sacrificed

I had a letter published in this newspaper on October 20, 2015, which alluded to, “there is no safe place now with such a spread (new housing scheme) if the developers of plan WD/2015/1150/MAO get full approval”.

I relay the back-stabbing news of betrayal by WDC and ESCC failing to protect a local AONB and green field sites by the approval of the said plan.

Despite scores of objections and past sound laws made specifically to protect this green and pleasant land, a whole raft of decision makers of all ranks, have been party to this betrayal of these laws and regulations.

The plans for up to 26 houses have a few black holes to fill in that they forgot to make allowance for refuse trucks entering and leaving (and fire-engines).

That the plan was littered with deviations from the truth did not deter the jack-boots of unsuitable rapid reform of the land.

The idea that local services are all within 2km would make past political propagandists smile with pleasure.

Cross-in-Hand will never be the same, nor an AONB or green field site be safe from being concreted over.

Watch your backyard; trust nobody.

Captain Bryn Wayt


Mayfield Flat Road