LETTER: Appalled at plan for Horam

Like many in Horam I am appalled at the dreadful plans being developed by Wealden District Council to destroy our village.

Their latest bright idea is to stick a great big crematorium in Chiddingly Road. What planet are they on?

We don’t want a crematorium in Chiddingly Road. Horam doesn’t need one, Wealden doesn’t need one. Has anyone seen the traffic and parking nightmare that is created every time they have a large service at Eastbourne crematorium? They can have 400 services a month, imagine that in our little village.

The council is pedalling a line that everyone in Wealden wants a crematorium. This is a fantasy. The council wants a crematorium to generate money, pure and simple.

I wonder how many readers of the Sussex Express knew that Wealden District Council has got more money in their reserves than any other council in East Sussex. They have got nearly £20million in what they call ‘reserves’, they get over £4million every year thanks to all the new houses they are building.

They should start using some of this cash to cut the council tax, keep libraries open, help with the crisis in adult social care and provide facilities for young people in villages like Horam.

Villages in Wealden are going without, while faceless civil servants in the council offices in Hailsham count their money.

Kelly Marley

Grange Close