LETTER: Are we over represented?

East Sussex County Council consists of 49 Councillors and the population of East Sussex (excluding the Brighton & Hove area) is approx 527,200.

This equates to 10,759 people represented by each councillor.

Compare this with West Sussex where each County Councillor represents 11,393 people and Surrey where it is 14,019 people per councillor, not to mention Kent where the figure is 17,458.

Other County Councils also have far fewer Councillors per capita than East Sussex; Devon 12,063, Hampshire 16,952, Essex 18,621!

East Sussex is also geographically the smallest of all the counties I have mentioned. Are we over-represented?

In these times of cuts perhaps ESCC could cut a few Councillors, just like the House of Commons is to be cut (by 50 MPs) or even better, merge with West Sussex County Council and save on having two Chief Executives, and other duplicated senior jobs, as well as cutting a few Councillors!

Michael Young

Fullwood Avenue