LETTER: Better way of solving problem

I was glad to see you had raised this important issue [sentencing for dangerous drivers].

While a heavier punishment for causing death by careless driving may be a deterrent, there are other ways towards solving this problem.

Surely it would be better to promote a higher standard of driving all round? I believe a good way to start on this would be to ensure learner drivers only learn with a qualified teacher.

That doesn’t mean the teacher has to be a professional driving instructor, merely that he or she has a proven record of upholding a high standard of driving, that they really know their subject, and have some teaching skills.

The consultation mentioned in your article has a website which readers may like to have.

It is www.gov.uk/government/news/killer-drivers-to-face-to-life-sentences

Caroline Pybus

Farncombe Road, Lewes