LETTER: Bewildering

When I was born, the war was only 18 years in the past.

What is history to me, was as close to my parents as Tracy Emin’s art bed, and New Labour, (1999). Reading about it can never be the same as living it, and this may explain the bewildering belief shared by young people that Jeremy Corbyn is the Messiah.

Trying to tell them what Bennite socialism of the 1970s was, indeed what the ’70s were like, is like trying to talk to minions. They listen, they smile, and then off they go cheerfully singing the same nonsensical song.

Recent events may begin the process of acquiring perspective. The beard has basked in the acclamation of Katie Hopkins, Nigel Farage, supporting the right wing of Maria Caulfield’s Blue-Kip with their shared loathing of Europe.

His Remain campaign was so nuanced as to convince 45 per cent of Labour voters he supported Leave, and he has crushed rebellion in his own ranks, led by the admirable Chuka Umunna, giving the hard right a free run towards a cliff edge, hard Brexit.

Right now, inflation is spiking, growth stalled, and wages are dropping in real terms. Every job in the country under threat and the austerity of which they complain will be longer and harder thanks, in part, to their misguided support for the old Marxist. Young people may think that Nationalism and Socialism are opposed. That is a historical fallacy and a contemporary misreading They are they effective allies both Nationally and locally where Lewes Labour, gifted the constituency to the worst sort of mendacious Brextremist.

On the great issue of the age, Maria Caulfield, Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage are just toothpaste rivals. Different packaging, but inside it’s all the same old …well let’s say “product” shall we. Don’t buy it .

Paul Newman

Firle Crescent