Letter: Breaking a promise

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WE would ask East Sussex County Council to consider very carefully the application by Veolia to increase traffic to the incinerator over Bank Holidays. Surely there is more at stake to it than just this item. At present, among Newhaven residents we know and have spoken to recently, confidence in local Government is at an all time low.

Newhaven residents were given the assurance that during Bank Holidays traffic to the incinerator would be greatly reduced. This was, as we understand it, incorporated in the planning consent for the incinerator given at the outset. (This we might add amongst overwhelming opposition by local residents to the incinerator in the first place). If this decision is now reversed, what confidence can we have in future planning applications – and what’s good enough for the council must surely be good enough for local residents following their planning consents. Goose and Gander come to mind.

The second point we would like to make is, we are tired of hearing about the regeneration of Newhaven with no sign of it to date, actually the opposite is happening at the present time – talk is cheap – where’s the action? We would like the council to consider very carefully how they could justify this as helping Newhaven’s regeneration.

Myrtle and Gerry Foard, Newhaven