LETTER: Brexit means Brexit

Were other readers as surprised as many I have spoken to at so much of this paper’s letters page (Sussex Express 12 May) being devoted to a repetitive advertisement for the Lib Dem’s by yesterday’s man Norman Baker?

This is of particular concern because in the same issue (and in previous editions also) the Express makes much of fighting fake news and the need for honest journalism. All too often yesterday’s politicians cannot retire gracefully having lost the respect of the electorate they once represented.

As in this case, they then make statements which if not ‘fake’ certainly are bias and/or distorted which is equally unacceptable.

Mr Baker’s letter is totally one sided and nothing more than a crude and desperate attempt to attract votes in light of the huge Conservative lead in the opinion polls.

Is it not time to move away from derogatory terms such as far right, populism, etc.

In fact with Brexit, the election of President Trump and President elect Macron, the mess unelected Brussels bureaucrats have made of the EU and many European countries, it might well be the time for a different kind of politics which appeals to left and right and that surely is why the Conservatives are so far ahead in this contest.

Like it or not, Brexit means Brexit and no matter how the LibDems and others try to insult the intelligence of the majority it is clear that the UK has exceptional opportunities ahead of some short-term instability. Surely a price worth paying to secure the future for our children and grandchildren in a global outward looking world rather than that fostered by an inward looking failing EU.

Cllr Dr Alan Latham (UKIP)