LETTER: Build here not Meeching Down

Can anyone tell me who owns the small piece of land where No.11 Elphick Road used to stand?

I assume that as it was a result of the creation of the one-way system it is probably most likely owned by East Sussex County Council. This being the case, could they not hand this small piece of land over to Lewes District Council, whereupon they could build a block of three, or maybe four, small one bedroom flats to rent?

Also, the piece of land next to the bridge control tower, currently being used as a car park for those building UTC@Harbourside, I presume is also owned by ESCC. This piece of land could be utilised to provide possibly up to 36 studio flats, which could have a large south facing roof, ideal for a bank of solar panels which would not only provide communal lighting but also generate an income for the council.

As Lewes District Council own the multi-storey carpark in Newhaven town centre, they could create something similar to that which exists on top of London Road carpark in Brighton, on the upper level(s) which seem rarely to be used. I imagine there’s enough room for several flats/maisonettes here.

What about the large tract of land between the cliff face and the car-parking at West Beach? Presumably owned by Newhaven Port & Premises, this area could be used to provide luxury flats (again with south facing roofs ideal for solar panels) with retail units below, and if NPP are feeling generous then the money raised from selling dozens of flats here could go towards maintenance of the harbour arm and the potential re-opening of our beach. (A bit hopeful I know!)

Again I assume the land in Transit Road opposite the existing houses, and bordered by the railway line, is also owned by NPP. This surely has potential for some reasonably priced houses? And who owns the old Harbour Tavern? Standing there empty since the 1980s and slowly falling derelict; demolish and rebuild or redevelop? There’s also a large chunk of land opposite the Tavern which has derelict buildings on it, again presumably owned by NPP and ripe for development. Unless they already have this site earmarked for something?

Finally, does anyone know who owns the small block of shops in Fort Road where Mulberry Stores used to be? This block appears to be empty and slowly rotting, is there any way this could be developed? Compulsory purchase perhaps?

There’s many locations throughout the town where development would probably be welcomed and certainly preferable to Meeching Down! Does anyone else have any suggested locations?

G. Green

South Road