LETTER: Campaigners for EU exit need to be honest about what it would mean

It’s about time Eurosceptics stopped talking about what they are against, and started talking about what they are FOR.

Campaigners for EU exit need to be honest and admit that leaving the EU would mean losing control.

It would mean years of financial and investment uncertainty, letting others shape our future as our exit terms are decided without us.

As your MEP, I’m not prepared to stand by and let our country be put through that.

I want a Britain proud to be the financial capital of Europe; a Britain shaping trading standards that affect our businesses both within and outside the EU, and a country proud to work with our partners for the good of us all.

In my work as your Liberal Democrat MEP I work with our neighbours shaping our future by full and equal participation in the decision making processes.

We should not be contemplating leaving the EU.

We should be making the most of our place at the table, leading in Europe.

This way we can make sure of Britain’s key role in our continent’s future prosperity, not isolating ourselves as the nationalists would have us do.

Catherine Bearder MEP