LETTER: Can you help?

I’m a Dutchman who investigates escape-lines of Allied men who succeeded to evade the Germans in my country, during World War II.

One of these men was James Branford, living in Rottingdean , at the address: ‘The Cottage’, Dean Court Road.

James was born 6 May 1915. Flying Officer Branford - a bomb-aimer - crashed with his Stirling bomber (149Sqn RAF), whilst returning from a bombing mission, just outside Berlin, on 22 August 1943. He was taken pow by the Germans and was sent to pow camp Muhlberg.

However early May 1944, he managed to escape this camp, together with some other Allied pow. They locked themselves in a waggon and after reaching Holland, they made contact with the underground movement, who took care for them.

Finally James Branford succeeded to reach the Allied lines with four other Allied men in hiding, on March 10 1945. I kindly ask your cooperation in finding relatives of him or perhaps readers who know more about this family.

Wolter Noordman.

Elburgerweg 16,

8181 EN Heerde.