LETTER: Can you help solve mystery?

I write in the hope that your readers may be able to help me with solving a mystery.

I am currently researching the life of Dr Edward Hogg (1782-1848) who started his career in Hendon, spent some years in Naples from where he went on a short expedition into Egypt, and ended his life in Cheshire.

In November 2003 to be precise, some of his diaries were offered for sale by a Lewes auction house.

They appear not to have found a buyer, but may have been sold privately after the auction.

As the auctioneers do not keep their records for more than ten years, they were unable to cast any light on what happened to the diaries after the auction. If any of your readers can throw any light on this, I should be most grateful.

Michael Heafford

20 Vine Close, Stapleford

Cambridge CB22 5BZ