LETTER: Caulfield out!

So what has Brexit got us so far? Credit rating lost, pound plummeting and may hit GDP/USD parity in the next year.

The Economist Intelligence Unit projects a 6% contraction by 2020, an 8% decline in investment, rising unemployment and falling tax revenues. Public debt will reach 100% of GDP (as both Ms May and others have said).

In simple fiscal terms that would be about £375bn. In this context Brexit lies about the NHS are enough to make you weep. For eight years we fought to keep the growth of debt under control. The Liberal Party sacrificed itself by supporting a coalition in this cause. Money for NHS, nope, money for jobs and infrastructure, nope, money for public sector pay, nope and so on. Now we are throwing £375bn away, to save the skins of a traitor political class whose self interest in many forms brought Brexit about.

So much for the argument; it is over. The problem of the plebiscite goes on. Race hate crime has multiplied, we are already in recession and the whole Brexit ‘inverted pyramid of piffle’ has collapsed. We are without any government at the mercy of 150,000 blimps who are the members of the Conservative Party.

It’s time for action. Those who made an honest mistake must be forgiven, they were told lies and they have problems we must address. We must build the widest possible constituency determined to keep us in the single market at all costs. One person who will be doing her best to break what is left of our disintegrating country is Brexit campaigner Maria Caulfield.

People of Lewes, Conservatives like me, Liberals, Greens and Labour must unite against Maria Caulfield and send a message the only way we can. We want to keep our jobs, our homes, our services and our country. We stand together against the rising tide of Fascism both here and abroad and if you are not with us, you are against us.

If I can support the Liberal Party then you can. It is the only way so let’s do it at the first opportunity. For our future; for our children. Caulfield out, Caulfield out, Caulfield out; CAULFIELD OUT.

Paul Newman

Firle Crescent