LETTER: Christmas decorations?

Being the county town, I was again embarrassed to see the lack of Christmas decorations in Lewes this year.

The trees, one in the precinct the other at the memorial, have a few lights that don’t do anything for the tree. Where are the pretty boxes that could be wrapped up? Surely there must be a way to decorate the trees?

Shop fronts have a few ‘icicles’ dangling from them. Quite a few have not been taken down from last year, so there’s not much thought gone into decorating the shops either.

I thought the idea was to get people to come into the town to shop. I think the people who would be coming in, take one look at what little effort has been taken to decorate the town and think they won’t bother parking their cars.

Is there not a way we can get the cheer back into the town and make it welcoming and encourage people to visit? At this rate there will never be any effort made because there will never be any shoppers bothering to spend in Lewes.

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