LETTER: Climate change is very real

Whether one likes Tony Blair or not, what he thinks about climate change is irrelevant to most arguments, and certainly to the assertions that Brian Beck puts forward (‘Tony agrees with climate change’, Letters, February 24).

I’m not sure what his argument is, exactly. Sir David Attenborough has no formal climate science qualifications, and therefore what he says can be dismissed by, er, someone with no formal climate science qualifications?

That data showing an average rise in global temperatures don’t rise with precise, mechanical uniformity? That scientists examine data and change their models accordingly, thus fitting theories to facts and not facts to theories? That wind turbines won’t be as efficient as they could be if we had ideal conditions the whole time?

Climate change is very real. In the aftermath of Storm Doris, it must be understood that extreme weather events are now more frequent than ever before, and that this is caused by that rise in global temperatures that all weather data show. The melting of permafrost is happening, and all climate scientists (and even humble geography teachers like me) will tell you that we are in grave danger of a positive feedback loop, in which methane is released causing further warming, causing more methane to be released… I could go on; however, if Mr Beck wants to listen to some real climate scientists talking about climate change, there is an excellent Royal Society web video here: https://royalsociety.org/science-events-and-lectures/2016/10/science-matters-climate-change/

Mr Beck seems, as noted by Tessa George (‘Global warming: here are thefacts’, February 4), to get rather a lot of space: I would suggest that no more be given to his unfounded opinions and irrelevant assertions.

Katie Hawks

Western Road, Lewes