LETTER: Conclusive result

No matter how you ‘hang, draw and quarter’ the numbers, it cannot be denied the outcome of the Referendum is conclusive.

Mr Main’s conclusion (Express, December 30), “The Majority, 63 per cent, didn’t vote Leave”, is misleading as by the same analysis, which he failed to mention, 65 per cent didn’t vote Remain.

The Referendum result for Brexit was determined by a simple proportional UK-wide majority of 1,269,501. Convincing. But if ‘Remoaners’ would rather the result be determined via the UK’s ‘first past the post’ electoral process as used for general and local government elections (as indeed for Mr Main’s own election to council), 401 of 650 constituencies (ie, 62 per cent) voted Leave. Perhaps those on the Remain side would prefer this analysis?

As a keen UKIPer, who through these columns over the years readers will know favours democracy and proportional representation, I would be happy to accept the proportional representation referendum result albeit by a smaller majority.

You can’t have it both ways. Indeed, with 3.9 million votes in the 2015 General Election proportional representation would have rewarded UKIP with 55 MPs.

Interesting how the Scottish Nationalists have this number of MPs after receiving less than half this number of votes.

What price democracy?!

Cllr Alan Latham

Chairman UKIP Lewes