LETTER: Consequence of Tory rule

Like a committed Tory, Mrs Pope-Mackerell has missed the point.

While I despair at the puppy-like enthusiasm Lewes people have for good-humoured, well-mannered yet largely ineffectual protest, there is a very obvious underlying reason why they feel the need to behave as they do.

It is that the present government – and the Conservative Party at large – delights in being an equal opportunity oppressor.

Mr Cameron and his cronies with all their ill-considered and divisive policies seem determined to present just about every section of our fractured society with sound reason for vehement protest.

Where I disagree with Mrs Holy-Mackerell is in her assertion that our new MP has some sort of panacea for this constituency’s issues – she clearly hasn’t. Maria Caulfield is a large and contributory part of the problem.

Light and peace – to all those of you striving to be part of the solution, at least...

Clive Hobden,

Delves Way