LETTER: Consider bias

As a local newspaper promulgating honest journalism and fighting fake news (Express 12 May) I am disappointed it apparently is not managing to control political bias to the same degree.

Readers will have noted the front page and most of pages 8 and 9 complete with images (Express May 5) were given over to the visit of Lib Dem leader Tim Farron to Lewes.

The following week the Prime Minister’s visit to Seaford wasn’t mentioned on the front page – just a quarter of page 5. I ask the question ‘was this imbalance due to one being Lewes and the other Seaford or was it due to one being LibDem and the other Conservative?’

Is it that the Sussex Express favours one town over another or is it one political party over another? If so I would urge the editor to consider bias and distortion in the same manner as the paper’s admiral approach to dealing with fake news.

Cllr Alan Latham

Chyngton Way, Seaford