LETTER: Consider this

Those people who are tinkering with the idea of voting for the Conservative Party might consider the following points.

The Conservatives came to power in 2010 promising to clear the deficit by 2015. They failed. Now the best they can do is to state an intention to clear it by 2025.

So much for all the painful austerity they have inflicted on the country.

Theresa May was Home Secretary when David Cameron promised to reduce immigration to tens of thousands.That failed too. In 2015 the Conservatives formed a government on the basis of staying within the European Union.

So much for that promise. Before the referendum Theresa May warned of the dangers of leaving the EU. Following her conversion, her zeal for Brexit knows no bounds.

After becoming Prime Minister she stated that an early election would be bad for the country. Now the election is an absolute must.

In summary, is it sensible to vote for a party that has failed so spectacularly to keep its promises and is it right to vote for a politician who, at best, does not know her own mind or, at worst, has no principles but bends to whatever political wind she perceives will gain the most votes? Strong and stable? I think not.

Graham Heap

Dunvan Close, Lewes