LETTER: Council fat cats anger the public

It’s a damming report on our country’s council fat cats who are making the public angry with these vast increases in services.

It is a disgrace while the tax-payer gets nothing in return with the council tax increased and car parks and local services chief executives on £175,000.

The Academy fat cats earn more than the heads of private schools.

They are on six-figure salaries – what has the government done to curb these salaries? Nothing.

We hear of cut-backs in schools where parents are asked to bring in toilet rolls, salaries should be based top performance. The public shouldn’t finance bad mismanagement of finances. Maintenance has been cut by half. Who benefits? Not the people but the fat cats.

The people of the county who vote at their local elections expect a better service than they are getting.

How can the senior bureaucrats justify these huge salaries? They pick up more than our Prime Minister.

In this age of technology life should be a lot better for people not having to worry what is going up next. Without the backbone of the people where is the incentive from the councils? This raises serious questions for the public for future elections.

Doris Myles,

Brands Close, South Heighton