Letter: Council never consulted Lewes cinema

Interesting to see that the commercial organisation of Lewes Cinema was not told of the decision by Lewes Town Council to ‘take over’ the running of the cinema in All Saints, Lewes.

Apparently the Cinema Club is in no financial difficulty, and has many links and volunteers if it needed assistance.

Personally, I cannot see why this ‘venue’, All Saints, is in the public sector at all, given that it needs funding to the tune of about £385,000 a year on our Council Tax Bills. I would think that leasing it to a private operator or selling the venue would be a better use of tax payers’ money.

Lewes Town Council already has the Town Hall, only a few hundred metres away, and this versatile venue is not open most of the week either.

Another local ‘facility’ run on council tax is the Seaford Head Golf Course, and this costs over £400,000 to the residents of Seaford, for a facility enjoyed by a very small proportion of the residents.

I suppose the £400,000 buys a lot of grass maintenance, but I think the rabbits do a good job too in that locality in keeping the grass in good condition.

A E Beaumont, Lewes