Letter: Councillors must rethink

HAVING heard concerns about the cost of the forthcoming by-election for Seaford Town Council after Conservative Councillor Andrew Hamilton resigned after tax increase, perhaps now would be the ideal time for any other councillors who have had second thoughts after 10 months in office to also consider resigning if they think that they are not up to being a councillor, which is a very testing job, especially when giving time free for the town of Seaford or district.

As a by-election will take place, also those who have in the past months brought the town and district councils an unwanted and concerning reputation of the very wrong kind, should also think seriously about continuing as councillors. Then it would be worth the expense for the election taking place and the £10,000 put by for the Jubilee could instead be used to justify this cost, and with this residents’ approval. I rest my case.

E W Hill,