LETTER: Councillors not representing us

We certainly share Cllr Wendy Alexander’s horror at the concreting-over of the Low Weald.

As she says, there is land to the north, in the High Weald, which would be more suitable for development, with its proximity to London and the M25.

This land has decent rail links and does not have the flooding problems of the Low Weald. So, why does Wealden District Council protect the High Weald, while sacrificing the Low Weald?

Why are councillors not representing the wishes of voters?

Surely, the answer is the sharp wealth gap between High and Low Weald.

There is nothing new about ‘representatives’ listening only to the wealthy. How ironic it is, that WDC has its headquarters, with its motto: interiora ruris here in Hailsham – unless, of course, WDC actually stands for We Dump Concrete.

The boundary commissioners, at least, seem to have realised that the High and Low Weald are worlds apart and have announced the abolition of the Wealden Parliamentary Constituency. We might call for a similar divorce in local government, were not councils being turned into neutered and house-trained poodles of central government.

Martin Hilman

David Ellis

Hawks Road, Hailsham