LETTER: County creates its own hazard

As the manager of a business in Hailsham High Street, I have been watching the progress of the improvements with more than a little interest.

Up to today I have been cautiously optimistic that the ultimate result will be an improvement and will justify the current upheaval.

However, that changed significantly today, with the installation of what I can only conclude is a poorly thought out contrivance that ultimately could result in serious accidents in the winter.

The roof gutters from the shops and flats in our part of the High Street are directed through down pipes that formerly discharged into the roadside gutters from pipes underneath the pavement. No more! The contractors are currently cutting the down pipes a few inches above the pavement level and installing open gutters across the pavement to discharge at the roadside.

Whoever the genius is at county level who dreamed this up, they have no grasp on reality.

When winter arrives, the open gutters will freeze and create sheets of ice across the pavement.

I trust they will accept personal liability when the council is sued by people injured by falling on the hazard they have created.

Eric Parkman

Camera Centre

High Street