LETTER: Crematorium poses danger

It seems the importance of the A267 was severely under-estimated in the plans for a crematorium at Horam.

It is used by a great many people each day. The traffic volume on it and its nature make it a very dangerous road. The proposed crematorium access point is in between two blind bends on the stretch between Coggers Cross and The May Garland, and is a persistent accident blackspot.

Regrettably, the number of accidents that happen there and their severity were downgraded at the planning meeting. There have been many more than were stated – I know because I live there.

I don’t think accidents that close the road for several hours could be called minor, nor when the services of the air ambulance are required.

The last thing this section of the road requires is a slowing of the traffic flow by creating further obstructions like bus stops or new entry points as this will inevitably cause more accidents, because drivers tend to take risks when impeded. Tinkering with the speed limits will have the same effect. A crematorium entry at this point would be madness as the sort of traffic it would attract will inevitably make the problems even worse.

I always thought the purpose of elected councillors was to look after the use of services and the well-being of the people who voted for them in the area, but it seems in this case we are ignored in favour of those who seek financial gain from the construction of this unnecessary and badly placed project.

David Kirby

Coggers Cross, Horam