LETTER: ‘Daft position’ for sheep to graze in

Re Sussex Wildlife Trust / Seaford Town Council grazing on Seaford Head Nature Reserve.

I am disappointed that once again sheep are being put to graze in such a daft position, slap bang in the middle of a favourite area for dog walkers at Chyngton Way Seaford. This is a local amenity for brief walks, not Seaford Head proper.

Surely councillors were made aware of last year’s vociferous protests by locals? Many of the dogwalkers are senior citizens like myself, some without a car. The first position of the sheep up until this week was an acceptable location: on an incline verging on the golf course. The current position in plain view of dogs (from 27 October) even looks ridiculous. It’s like penning the sheep in the centre-circle of a football match. Only the players running round them are dogs with that “chase instinct” mentioned by the Councillor re Chailey Common. I don’t pay rates for an electrified fence to be erected across my twice-daily dog walk. Don’t let’s repeat this absurdity.

Mike Vallely

Blatchington Hill