LETTER: Dear Maria...

Open letter to Maria Caulfield.

Dear Maria,

Congratulations on your re-election to Parliament.

There are events taking place across the constituency this weekend to mark the first anniversary of Jo Cox’s murder, and in the spirit of cooperation and tolerance that Jo embodied, we have come together to ask you to reach out to constituents who do not share your political views.

Nationally, it seems clear the British public have – via the ballot box – asked our elected representatives to work together. Recent votes show the constituency of Lewes is almost evenly split. About 52 per cent of us voted to stay in the EU, and around 51 per cent of us didn’t vote for you last week. So we welcome the clear commitment you made in your acceptance speech to represent the views of those who did not vote for you.

We also ask that you encourage Conservatives to reach out to other parties during the negotiations to leave the EU: the uncertainty of the election result means these crucial negotiations that will affect our country for generations may be concluded by a different government than the one elected last week. Cross-party cooperation on this issue has never been more important.

At the election hustings in Lewes, you said you were a reluctant leaver and agreed that securing the right to remain of EU nationals living in the UK should be a priority. We encourage you to support proposals that give the UK the closest possible relationship with our neighbours, trading partners and allies in Europe.

As you would expect, we will scrutinise your voting record and public statements, but we promise to be vocal in supporting you on the issues where we agree. In Jo’s memory, we look forward to future cooperation and collaboration to ensure the diversity of views in the constituency are heard.

Lewes Progressives, Open Britain Lewes

EUnity Lewes